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I am Mike the Pan Man

Over 30 years ago my wife, Debbie, and I were invited to a “pots and pans party“. I did not want to go, but in order to honor our friends we went. Within 10 minutes I was laughing and enjoying myself so much. On the way home I told Debbie “I could do what that guy did tonight“. I was looking for something to do part time and it seemed that this would fit into my schedule well. When the representative stopped by our home to talk to us about prices, I asked him about going to work part time. 30 years later, I can definitely say this was a life-changing and positive move. I thank God that I said yes!

Debbie and I have enjoyed this journey so much. Not only do I love the flexibility and earning potential but we have been on untold number of trips paid for by the company! One of our favorite things to do as we watch TV is to say “We’ve been there“. Italy, Dominican Republic , Panama, Las Vegas, Acapulco, 10 cruises (our favorite way to vacay), Bahamas, Jamaica, and many many other places that we would never have been able to go to. It’s a great life!

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